Vintage Engineering was founded in 1989 out of necessity. Our background had been in fabrication and machined components for contemporary formula cars and racing motorcycles. When we began a restoration project on a 1966 McLaren M1B, we searched the globe for quality replacement components made to original McLaren specifications. None were to be found! It was clear that there was an immediate need for a company that could produce high quality replacement components for vintage McLaren Formula and Sports cars. We applied our manufacturing experience in materials, forging, machining, threading, heat treatment, shot peening and more to vintage McLaren Sport racers. Today, the majority of McLaren Can-Am cars around the globe include our components.

Since the beginning, Vintage Engineering products have been manufactured to be FIA compliant (click to see FIA Recommended Materials for Replacement and Reconstruction documentation), using some of the finest materials available. For example, our rear axles are made from steel forgings of 300M VAR and 9310 VAR (British equivalents are S155 and EN36C VAR). Our competitors axles can’t compare! Vintage Engineering’s premier line of products includes body work, fabricated links, select Hewland replacement components, Trans Am wheels and Indy Roadster wheels. Vintage Engineering also has the flexibility and experience to assist with one-off customer projects.

Pictured here: Ray Franklin Jr. Proprieter of Vintage Engineering with his hero, Ray Franklin Sr., “My Dad worked for Vel’s Parnelli, Bob Estes, and others, he built many, many winning race cars.”

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