• McLaren centerlock wheel nuts, made from 7075 aluminum and hard anodized in blue and black as original.
  • CV flanges for u joint conversions. Made in sizes 108 mm, size 15 and 128 mm, size 18 for engines making over 600 ft. lb. / torque.
  • Custom hubs, in all flavors. Made from 4340 forged or billet depending on design.
  • Custom hub, made from 4340, heat treated, post finished and shot premed for appearance and stress relief. This was made for an English sports car, a Lister, allowing it to run Halibrand wheels.
  • Failed McLaren M8 axle and our vastly improved replacement.
  • Early McLaren front live axle forged from 4340.
  • Halfshafts made to order from 300M VAR, shown with race prepped size 15 CV joint.
  • All of our M8 axles are forged from 9310 VAR, precision ground and shot peened. The best axles on the market.
  • M8F / M20 rear axle.
  • M8F / M20 front axle.
  • Failed early McLaren rear axle and our properly designed axle, forged from 4340, heat treated, ground and shot peened.
  • McLaren wheel studs. Made from defect free 8740, heat treated and then roll threaded for maximum fatigue strength.
  • Early McLaren bolt in front spindles, made from 300M.
  • McLaren M6 front axle, forged from 300M, pocketed to works specs. precision ground, shot peened and brown oxide coated.
  • Custom hubs to adapt our knock off wheels, shown with forged aluminum 3 wings. We design and machine all hubs in house to have a perfect fit. Forged from U.S. steel, heat treated, crack checked and shot peened for stress relief. The best hubs on the market. plating for corrosion protection available upon request.
  • McLaren centerlock axles with end caps for the front uprights.
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