If you need a car part fabricated with precision and attention to detail bring the plan to us!
  • Helical 7 tooth pinion, heat treated, precision ground, made from superior material compared to O.E.
  • McLaren steering components. rack, housing and complete assemblies available for most cars from 1965 thru 1976.
  • Replacement calipers for the Girling 16 / 3 series three piston caliper.
  • Water necks cast in aluminum for the McLaren M8, works well on all vintage McLarens due to the proper downward angle. NPT threaded for ideal temp sender placement.
  • Big block McLaren water pump cast in aluminum for durability. Casting is shown unfinished. Finished in dark green hard anodize to minimize corrosion and give a similar appearance to oem.
  • BBC McLaren water pump / top view.
  • Raw magnesium casting / replacement big block chevy valve covers based on the O.E. M20 cover with the raised pad for the throttle linkage mount. Our cover incorporates a subtle increase in height and rocker arm clearance for shaft rocker applications. The casting has two bosses as O.E. for venting if required. We machine per customer specification.
  • McLaren steering rack rebuild kit for most models.
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